Sept. 5 – Visitors from Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

Today, Marleen Lutters and Kristen Brennand, from Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht will visit us. We will be discussing the topics of Robotics and AI.

Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht, jointly with TivoliVredenburg en Museum Speelklok, will organise a WWWW-familie lecture on Robotics and AI on november 4, in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. See link for more info.

This familie event is organised in collaboration with Museum Speelklok. Museum Speelklok will also host a exhibition ‘Robots Love Music’ from September 21 2018 untill March 3, 2019. This exhibition will feature work on soft robotics by our PhD researcher Rob Scharff.

Academic year 2018/2019 – more MakerLunches!

The academic year 2018/2019 has started. We will restart the regular MakerLunch at the Foundational Lab from 12:30-13:30 (Bring your own lunch)

Want to know more about 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics, smart materials, AR/VR etc.? Want to share an interesting story? Want to chat to researchers working on these topics? Looking for a graduation project on one of these topics? Then come to the MakerLunch!!

Open to students, faculty members, companies and other external parties Find us here!

If you are interested in a specific topic or would like to present your work, for visit planning please contact us Contact info.

UPDATED – 30 March & 6 April – presentations on Designing with Smart Materials

On two consecutive Makerlunches, four Honour students of Industrial Design Engineering will take turns to present results of their honour track assignment related to Designing with Smart Materials. The work was conducted with the research group Emerging Materials of Prof. Kaspar Jansen, who will also be joining the MakerLunch.

They will give a short presentation, and there will be some time to ask questions as well.

March 30

  • Smart Textiles
  • Printing of Light

April 6

  • Self healing materials
  • Shape morphing materials

13 Jan 2016 – our regular visitor Bas van Deursen – Ultimaker

1f97da9Join us next Wednesday for a chat with our regular MakerLunch visitor: Bas van Deursen from Ultimaker. Bas is a alumni from Industrial Design Engineering and currently works as a design engineer at Ultimaker working on next generation 3D printers 😉

He will share with us some interesting insights on late stage product development. What happens when you travel to China, to inspect the first batch of components for a new product.

So join us to get insights into the gap between a ‘design-on-paper’, and the reality of actually producing a product.

See you Wednesday!

Visitor MakerLunch today: Mark Mulligan

Today at lunchtime, Mark Mulligan from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design will join us for the maker lunch. Mark Mulligan is Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture.

Mulligan’s research explores the relationship between constructive detail and meaning in architecture; he has taught a variety of studios and courses at Harvard, including a course on modern Japanese architecture, introductory and advanced courses on construction technology, architecture studios, and urban design studios.  Since 2010, he has led a teams of students in producing digital reconstructions and CG animations of major landmarks of 20th century Japanese architecture, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (built 1923, demolished 1967), Kenzo Tange’s 1964 National Olympic Stadium at Yoyogi, and (currently in progress) Junzo Sakakura’s Japan Pavilion for the 1937 Paris World Expo. In winter 2014, he collaborated with FAS Professor Yukio Lippit to organize the exhibition “The Thinking Hand: Tools and Traditions of the Japanese Carpenter” at Harvard University’s Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, as part of the RIJS’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

Soft robotics hand by Rob Scharff in TV ad!

Since this week we have a TV commercial star in our research group! Our colleague Rob Scharff and his soft robotics hand feature in an advertisement by Eneco.


A short moment of fame for the Rob’s soft robotics hand at 1:03 in the movie. And you can also see Rob in the advertisement (with the google logo in the background  in a red shirt ;).

We’re on TV 😉