Smart clothing for cooling

This graduation project will focus on the design and testing of a new cooling system for the temperature control of the human body based on the working principle of the human blood circulation and integrating this in a functional smart garment.

For more information: Please find the appendix below or contact Kaspar Jansen (professor of emerging materials)

Graduation project Smart clothing for cooling

20 Jan 2016 – Visitor: Giorgia Galimberti from Politecnico di Milano

I’m Giorgia Galimberti and I achieved my master degree in Design & Engineering at Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 15.22.49Politecnico di Milano in 2013 with a thesis on a comparison of 3D printing technologies from a design point of view. Now I am attending a PhD in Design in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Research group: SITEC Laboratorio per le Applicazioni Laser


Soft Robotics: 3D-printing an orthotic for a partly paralyzed client

One of the goals of the Makerlunch is to help master students find interesting graduation opportunities. Therefore, we will start uploading new graduation opportunities on this weblog. In case you are interested in working on one of these projects, please visit our Makerlunch on Wednesday for more information.

We will kick of with a new graduation opportunity at the TU Delft in collaboration with Sophia Revalidatie in Delft. The goal of the project is to use the 3D-printing of pneumatic ‘soft’ robotics to improve on existing orthoses in terms of weight, effectiveness, customization and freedom of movement. The end goal will be to create a working prototype that is tested with one or more patients at Sophia Revalidatie. For more information about the project, please refer to the document attached below:

Update 18/01/2016

The assignment will now focus on the development of an orthotic that will help a partly paralyzed client to regain some of the grasping functionality of his hand. The combination of a real client, Sophia Revalidatie’s expertise in orthotics and the faculty’s expertise in 3D-printing Soft Robotics can lead to some exciting results!

Graduation Assignment Soft Robotic Orthotics (Update 18-01)


13 Jan 2016 – our regular visitor Bas van Deursen – Ultimaker

1f97da9Join us next Wednesday for a chat with our regular MakerLunch visitor: Bas van Deursen from Ultimaker. Bas is a alumni from Industrial Design Engineering and currently works as a design engineer at Ultimaker working on next generation 3D printers 😉

He will share with us some interesting insights on late stage product development. What happens when you travel to China, to inspect the first batch of components for a new product.

So join us to get insights into the gap between a ‘design-on-paper’, and the reality of actually producing a product.

See you Wednesday!

Visitor MakerLunch today: Mark Mulligan

Today at lunchtime, Mark Mulligan from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design will join us for the maker lunch. Mark Mulligan is Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture.

Mulligan’s research explores the relationship between constructive detail and meaning in architecture; he has taught a variety of studios and courses at Harvard, including a course on modern Japanese architecture, introductory and advanced courses on construction technology, architecture studios, and urban design studios.  Since 2010, he has led a teams of students in producing digital reconstructions and CG animations of major landmarks of 20th century Japanese architecture, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (built 1923, demolished 1967), Kenzo Tange’s 1964 National Olympic Stadium at Yoyogi, and (currently in progress) Junzo Sakakura’s Japan Pavilion for the 1937 Paris World Expo. In winter 2014, he collaborated with FAS Professor Yukio Lippit to organize the exhibition “The Thinking Hand: Tools and Traditions of the Japanese Carpenter” at Harvard University’s Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, as part of the RIJS’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

Soft robotics hand by Rob Scharff in TV ad!

Since this week we have a TV commercial star in our research group! Our colleague Rob Scharff and his soft robotics hand feature in an advertisement by Eneco.


A short moment of fame for the Rob’s soft robotics hand at 1:03 in the movie. And you can also see Rob in the advertisement (with the google logo in the background  in a red shirt ;).

We’re on TV 😉