MakerLunch guest Troy Nachtigall – on 3D printed shoes and wearable senses

Wednesday 25 November 12:30 @Makerlunch, Foundational Lab, IDE, TU Delft

Next wednesday Troy Nachtigall will join us during the MakerLunch. Troy is a lecturer at SLEM, an international innovation and education institute for footwear. He also PhD researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, on wearable senses.

Troy showed his 3D printed shoes at the Dutch Design Week 2015. Some more background on his work can also be found here.

3D printed shoes shown an Dutch Design Week 2015, made with filaflex filament

3D printed shoes shown an Dutch Design Week 2015 (source


Shoes are printed with flexible filament Filaflex (source

Please join us during the MakerLunch, to hear more about Troy and his work. The MakerLunch takes place in the foundational lab @ IDE, TU Delft. The lunch has an informal setting: be prepared for a lot of interaction, room for questions and discussion (and don’t forget to bring your own lunch)

See that you Make it to the MakerLunch!