Makerlunch Guest Massoud Hassani – Mine Kafon

Wednesday 9 December 12:30 @Makerlunch, Foundational Lab, IDE, TU Delft

Next week Wednesday Massoud Hassani will join us during the MakerLunch. His work focuses on creating a fully automated process to clear mines.

The original  Mine Kafon is a wind-powered device that is heavy enough to detonate landmines as it rolls across the ground. Massoud drew inspiration for the project from his childhood growing up on the outskirts of Kabul, where he would play amongst the minefields with homemade, wind-powered toys.

Currently, Massoud is Kickstarting a new project, in which a drone will be used to clear mines in a more structured way. More information about Mine Kafon can be found here.

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Please join us during the MakerLunch, to hear more about Massoud and his work. The MakerLunch takes place in the foundational lab @ IDE, TU Delft. The lunch has an informal setting: be prepared for a lot of interaction, room for questions and discussion (and don’t forget to bring your own lunch)