Sept. 5 – Visitors from Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

Today, Marleen Lutters and Kristen Brennand, from Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht will visit us. We will be discussing the topics of Robotics and AI.

Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht, jointly with TivoliVredenburg en Museum Speelklok, will organise a WWWW-familie lecture on Robotics and AI on november 4, in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. See link for more info.

This familie event is organised in collaboration with Museum Speelklok.┬áMuseum Speelklok will also host a exhibition ‘Robots Love Music’ from September 21 2018 untill March 3, 2019. This exhibition will feature work on soft robotics by our PhD researcher Rob Scharff.

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